BIT-2017 International Grand Forum in Kyiv (22.02)

On February 22, the city of Kyiv will host the most important event in the Ukrainian ICT market – International Grand Forum «Around Cloud. Around Data. Around Contact Center. Around IoT. PROmobility» (BIT-2017). This unmatched industry gathering distinguished for its integrated approach, the quality of content and unique atmosphere will traditionally bring together the best representatives of the regional ICT and business community. Join us!

Around Clouds: modern cloud solutions and services

Around Data: data storage and business intelligence

Around CC: contact centers installation and management

Around IoT: Internet of things and smart solutions

PROmobility: implementation of modern moblie enterprise

Agro BIT: information technology & agriculture

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  • De Novo
  • Seagate
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  • Hostico
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Applications: 1035

With «Participant» status: 877

Speeches: 45

Ehibition booths: 10

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What Is BIT-2017?

The participants of the event will discuss all issues related to the cloud applications, contact centers, data storage and business intelligence, as well as Internet of things, smart solutions, and construction of mobile enterprise.

Attendees are ICT specialists, as well as C-level executives and mid-tier managers. In other words, we gather people who prepare requests for quotations, choose a solution and make purchase decisions.

ICT gurus speeches, modern solutions exhibition, panel discussions on professional topics – we will support the professional interest of each participant at the maximum level till the end of the event

After the official part one can truly relax after a day and get a positive energy from the live and informal chat

Our Informational Partners

We are also proud to present our informational (media) partners – the leading print and on-line media projects!

  • Pershy Dilovy
  • HeadHunter
  • The Ukrainian Association of Industrial Automation Enterprises
  • AgTech Ukraine
  • IT News
  • IT Expert
  • HiTech.Expert
  • Учебный центр ITEA
  • BrainBasket Foundation
  • The Ukrainian IT Rating
  • Ukrainian Internet Association (UIA)
  • Science and Technology
  • OVITTA Business School
  • CyberBionic Systematics
  • Ukrainian Association of Young Farmers
  • Luxoft Training
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